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The BeachWaver: Why We Love It

As some of you may know Base Salon: Chicago ( located in the west loop) has partnered with The BeachWaver!  At Base we set out to educate our clients and bring them tools and products they can use to recreate what we do behind the chair! WE WANT TO SEE PEOPLE WITH THEIR HAIR DONE (like it’s the 50’s or something’- minus the hooded dryers)

I initially discovered The BeachWaver during the Victoria Secret Fashion Show (wow, that’s a lot of sexy in one sentence). Just like years passed 3 mins into  the show and i was in AWE! I began planning out my gym schedule for the year, 10-15 mins later i grabbed another piece of pizza and decided i was going to be a woman that set realistic goals …i can have that hair! The color, the length, the WAVES.

Now meet Sarah Potempa! Sarah is a well known celebrity hair stylist and inventor of  The BeachWaver. Sarah  got her start right here in Chicago, Illinois.  She is a TOTAL girl boss and her iron is a game changer! The BeachWaver was the official tool used for the VS fashion Show-drop the mic. Jk that’s not really enough said! This iron gives people that are “hair challenged” the opportunity to leave their house like they are  walking down a runway-hair done and beach-y waves on point! Its simple, grab a section of your hair, place the ends in the clip of the iron, then click the button and watch it spin!

Stylist Tips (in short):

  1. Apply Sachajuan Hair Mousse root to ends
  2. Add Sachajuan Shine Serum to the mid length and ends
  3. Blow dry
  4. Section your hair into as many sections as you feel comfortable
  5. Beach Wave
  6. Apply Sachajuan Ocean Mist or Light and Flexible Hairspray all over
  7. Shake your gorgeous waves out and GO!
  8. If your fancy or just LOVE beautiful scents spritz on some Sachajuan Hair Perfume!

Please note: If any of the above steps are difficult or overwhelm you please visit our booking page and book a one on one educational session with a stylist! It will change your life. (mention this post and receive $15 off your educational session from now until 8/1/2017)

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